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Protect Your Data Privacy

No Data Collection

No Data Collection

Our no-data social media app is leading the charge for a new era of privacy and security.

No Tracking

No Tracking

Our no-tracking policy means that your location, and personal data will never be monitored or collected.

Open Source

Open Source

We ensure Fair and Transparent Social Media with Momenel's Open Source Platform.

built in tipping for your favorite creators

Chronological Feeds

We believe that social media should be simple and straightforward.

That's why we've designed our platform to feature a chronological feed that makes it easy for you to stay up-to-date with the content that you care about.

tips for creators

Diverse Post Options

We believe that social media should be a platform for you to express yourself in any way you choose.
That's why we offer a range of post options includingtext, images, and videos,and our algorithm doesn't push one form of content over the other.

tips for creators



Built-in Tipping

We believe in fostering a supportive community where creators can thrive.

Simply tip your favorite creators and they'll receive the majority of the funds. A small percentage (30%) is retained to cover platform fees and expenses, but the rest ispaid directly to the creator.

Everyone is eligible to receive tips.

You Own your Content


Momenel is the social media alternative you've been looking for.

Join our mission to reinvent social media
-the right way!

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